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As a patient it is of the upmost importance to understand possible outcomes when making a decision about a surgery, a surgeon, or hospital.    I will openly discuss with you in clinic my results and the risks so you can make in informed decision.    One advantage adult patients have is my extensive pediatric experience.   I am used to complex procedures on very small patients such as sewing together arteries only 1mm wide and transplanting an entire liver smaller than the palm of your hand.

My transplant experience as a primary surgeon exceeds the national averages.   I have published numerous papers documenting that my results in some cases were the best in the United States.    I also have the largest case series of ABO incompatible (cross blood type) transplants in the country.   I also was on the first team in the US to do living donor liver transplants and the first to use a Meso-rex shunt in the US.

Currently, the patient outcomes for liver transplant recipients I have done at Porter Adventist Hospital is at 100% with an average MELD score of 34.

Throughout my career I have always tried to help as many people as possible.   That approach has forced me to innovate and develop a true expertise in liver transplant and hepatobiliary surgery.