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I have experience in treating patients with many diagnosis both through hepatobiliary surgery and transplant:

Acetaminophen overdose ("Tylenol")

Acute liver failure ("Fulminant Liver Failure")


Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (“PSC”)


Laennic’s Cirrhosis (Alcohol)

Crypogenic Cirrhosis (unknown cause)

Fatty Liver (also called “NASH”)

Enlarged liver

End Stage Liver Disease characterized by variceal hemorrhage or portal hypertension


Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C (“HCV”)

Biilary Atresia

Neonatal Hemachromotosis

Hepatorenal syndrome

Biliary reconstruction for correction of disease or injury (e.g. bile duct strictures)

Liver mass

Liver tumor

Liver cancer

Hepatocellular cancer (HCC)

Benign tumors of the liver


Focal nodular hyperplasia



Metastatic tumors in the liver ("Mets")

  • Originating from colon, pancreas, breast, stomach, and gall bladder

Neuroendocrine and Bronchogenic tumors (EG carcinoid)

Pancreatic Cysts and Pancreatic Masses

Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction