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I have been the primary surgeon for over 1,000 liver transplants including over 140 living donors.    I also perform combination liver and kidney transplants.

Throughout my career I have been at major centers leading and building adult and pediatric liver programs.     I also have transplanted both the youngest (10 days) and smallest children in the world when I was at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.    Those patients are alive and well today.

Since arriving and being the primary liver surgeon at Porter the patient outcomes have been excellent.    The patient survival for liver transplants is at 100% with the average MELD score of 34.   I have done several ABO incompatible (cross blood type) transplants and all the patients are doing well.

The MELD score is the calculation to determine acuity and determines allocation of livers to wait listed patients.   To learn more about the MELD score click here.