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Part of my practice includes complex hepatobiliary surgery which includes resections for cancer, ablations, and shunts which are best done by an experienced liver transplant surgeon.   I am the first surgeon in Colorado to use NanoKnife® in resection for cure of cholangiocarcinoma of the liver.   When possible I use laparoscopic, or minimally invasive techniques to reduce scarring and recovery time for patients.   In addition to my transplantation experience, I have also performed over 500 major surgeries of the liver, bile ducts, and pancreas.   That transplant experience also translates into expertise to perform JUMP grafts to solve the most complex problems related to arterial flow or anatomic issues in hepatobiliary cases.    This allow patients a much lower risk of complications post operatively.

Diagnoses I commonly treat and treatment options:

Biliary reconstruction for correction of disease or injury

Liver mass

Liver tumor

Liver cancer

  • Hepatocellular cancer (HCC)

Benign tumors of the liver


Focal nodular hyperplasia



Metastatic tumors in the liver

  • Originating from colon, pancreas, breast, stomach, and gall bladder

Neuroendocrine and Bronchogenic tumors (EG carcinoid)

Liver Cancer Treatment options:

  • These liver tumors may be treated by open surgery, laparoscopic liver resection, chemoembolization, radiofrequency ablation, NanoKnife®, and/or liver transplant.

Pancreatic tumors

Pancreatic Cysts and Pancreatic Masses

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment options:

  • Pancreatic head tumors (most commonly adenocarcinoma) pyloris preserving pancreatic duodenectomy (also known as the Whipple procedure)
  • Extend the chance of resection by and therefore increased chance of cure by use of NanoKnife in conjunction with vein replacement.   I can replace veins invaded by tumor with autogolous vein (e.g. internal jugular)

Tumors of the Pancreatic body or tail

Treatment Options:

  • Treated by distal pancreatectomy with possible preservation of pancrease blood vessels and spleen (open or laparoscopic)